Hardness tester is MATSUZAWA in AKITA.Permit us about Hardness tester,Micro vickers,Vickers,Rockwell.


Product Range

Micro Vickers MMT-X Series

Micro vickers hardness tester MMT-X series
The latest micro hardness tester of Matsuzawa which evolved with user needs.
(capable to support every specimen)(click a following link, you can confirm specimen details example)
we suggest one of them which we adjusted to various needs and provide it.

Micro vickers hardness tester

The new function deploy. LCD touch panel

LCD touch panel

The turret which mounted two indenter, four objective lenses

Auto TurretTwo indenter and four objective lenses are realized following conventional stable loading mechanism.
The measuring that reliability is high can be done in various test condition.(All model correspondence)

Auto TurretAuto Turret perform a series of load operations and the object lens for measuring comesautomatically back to central position after making indentation.Positive turret stopsensure exact alignment of the indenter to the measuring and scanning objectives. this allows precise placement of the diamond impression on your test sample.(correspondence model:MMT-X7)

Wide test load range

test loads standard Atype 49.03 98.07 245.2 490.3 980.7 1961 2942 4903 9807mN
5 10 25 50 100 200 300 500 1000gf
option Btype 9807 29.42 49.03 98.07 245.2 490.3 980.7 1961 2942 4903 9807 19614mN
1 3 5 10 25 50 100 200 300 500 1000 2000gf

LED Light Source

various option


abundant lineup meeting user needs

reducing an error between measurer! reducing an error between measurer!
and reducing hardness measurement
cost time!
TV measuring device Automatic Hardness Test System
adjusting an error between measurer with TV measuring device measuring automatically by the latest image processing technology,
measuring a plural number consecutively on an automatic stage
TV measuring device Automatic Hardness Test System
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