Hardness tester is MATSUZAWA in AKITA.Permit us about Hardness tester,automatix tester,digital micro tester.


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Website Design Policy
Matsuzawa's website is designed for everybody including elderly and disabled people to use with ease.
In June, 2004, JIS X 834104-3, "Guidelines for older persons and persons with disabilities ・Information and communications equipment, software and services ・Part 3: Web content" (hereinafter Web Content JIS) was issued. The Web Content JIS has raised awareness of web accessibility in Japan, and national and local governments and also companies are encouraged to create more accessible websites. This website has been designed with accessibility (usability) in mind.
Visual Consideration
The contrast of the text and graphics of this website are designed to be friendly for the elderly and people with color weakness.
Browsing Environment
Text and graphics are separated to correctly display pages in any browser including a sound browser and a text browser.
Each page is generated based on the logical structure of the text, such as headlines, paragraphs, and lists; and visual elements, such as layout, are controlled by style sheets.
Note: Pages may not be accurately displayed in previous-generation visual browsers.
Please note that the page layout also may not be as intended if you are using Internet Explorer for MAC.
Many features of this website uses JavaScript.
If your computer environment does not permit you to use JavaScript, the site may not work as intended.
Copyright and Use of this Website
The copyright of this website rests with Matsuzawa.
All contents of the website is protected by copyright laws, and other applicable laws and treaty provisions of countries throughout the world.
Secondary use, such as copying, reproducing, and selling any of the contents, is prohibited without permission.
A cookie is a small text file that is sent to and stored on your computer through your browser.
Cookies gather general information about your use of the site and do not tell us personally identifiable information such as your name, email address, telephone number, and credit card number. We use cookies for the purposes of security and provision of appropriate information to customers.
You may set your browser to refuse new cookies, warn you before accepting cookies, and disable cookies.
We are not accountable for ensuring the adequacy and accuracy of any information on this website that may contain technically inaccurate descriptions or other errors.

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