Hardness tester is MATSUZAWA in AKITA.Permit us about Hardness tester,automatix tester,digital micro tester.


Company Outline

Message from President

Dedicated to hardness tester manufacturing, Matsuzawa has offered reliable products with its stable technology to customers in the fields of various technological developments and quality control not only in Japan but also overseas since its establishment in 1995.
For the past years, we have had a favorable reception from many customers for our contribution to improving errors caused by operator individual differences or fatigue by developing automatic hardness testers with the latest image processing technology, and system products with functions, including test material transfer, polishing, and hardness test, to flexibly meet diversified needs.
While developing new products, we provide maintenance and repair services to our customers so that Matsuzawa products already in use can last long. Aiming to produce hardness testers with superior functionality and usability, we are consistently committed to developing products pushing the envelop of innovation.
We hope to continue making day-to-day progress in collaboration with our customers.

Toru Ambo
President, Matsuzawa Co., Ltd.

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